And the winner is…

July 11, 2016

With the Euro finals concluding last night we now have a winner for the Cole AD sweepstakes, Managing Director, Stephen Cole… It’s a fix we cry!
Each member of Cole AD had picked 2 team names from a hat to win the tournament. Congratulations to Stephen who managed to pick Portugal as the winners.

Stephen was not the only winner though; we also had a prize for the Golden Boot too. Awarded to Simon Alderson in the design team was a fancy bottle of champagne and bragging rights for picking France in the sweepstakes. The mighty Antoine Griezmann was crowned the top goal scorer with an impressive 6 goals throughout the tournament.

Of course, the real star of the finals is the moth that made his TV debut by landing on Ronaldo’s face whilst he lay injured. The moth is now Twitter famous with a following of over 10.5K people in less than 24hrs and the number is rising. We’re sure it won’t be long before his account is verified.

You can check out Ronaldo’s Moth Twitter profile here:

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