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Client: GCil Direct Payments – Design | Print

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Glasgow Centre for Inclusive Living (GCiL) asked Cole AD to create an information booklet to showcase 16 stories around Self Directed Support. Cole AD have a great reputation for creating fully accessible design for numerous charity sector clients and we applied these skills when producing this publication.

There are a number of restrictions you have to take into account when designing such a booklet. Firstly fonts and point sizes for accessibility – it must be minimum 14pt on 20pt leading. There needs to be a good contrast between background and type with no reflections, plus it should be easy to physically handle. Working from previous focus group feedback, we suggested opting for a wiro-bound booklet on an uncoated stock.

Our biggest issue was the amount of copy the client needed to include – each of the 16 stories filled 2 full pages with no images. To enhance the booklet, but also keep costs down, we introduced a half leaf into each double page spread which allowed us to include a graphic design element enhancing the readers experience.

After the success of the project we were asked to create another booklet, this time showcasing the success stories of young people.

“Cole AD really pulled out all the stops to provide us with such an imaginative design. Pure Dead Brilliant. We are absolutely delighted with the result.”
Lilian Smith, SDS Development Coordinator, GCiL

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