Govanhill People’s History – Website | Branding | Design | Print

Client: Govanhill People’s History – Website | Branding | Design | Print

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As part of the Living History Project, Cole AD were approached by Community Renewal to work in partnership to develop a Govanhill People’s History.

The main focus of the project was to create a website that can evolve as the community changes and to allow for everyone to contribute to the website. The website is the focus of the project and part of the brief was to catalogue audio history. Cole AD also created an audio tour to accompany the site.

A pocket sized information booklet was devised to aid the audio tour encouraging and promoting the importance of the website. To help advertise the website locally, Cole AD produced a number of pop-up banners to be placed throughout Govanhill.

We’ve had really encouraging feedback from the community as the website visitor numbers continue to grow every week!

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