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Client: Milnbank HA – Branding | Print

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Milnbank Housing Association was founded in 1975 operating in Glasgow. The organisation tasked Cole AD with the creation of a new brand that better reflected what they stood for. After meeting the Senior Management Team, we knew that the housing association put community at the heart of every decision and we went to work!

A focus group was formed by the client with a panel of over 50 people to gather feedback on the selected brand. Warmly received, the key comments about the new brand included:

  • Reflects MHA as a community better
  • More modern feel
  • Friendly looking
  • More personal & softer looking.

The next step was to redesign the client’s quarterly newsletter. The feedback from the focus group was again very positive and key comments included:

  • It’s brighter & more colourful
  • Improved layout
  • More professional looking
  • More appealing and an easier read
  • More likely to want to read it now.

The client’s trust in our abilities as led to more work on the horizon!

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