Project Ability – TV Classics Part 1 – Outdoor Promotion

Client: Project Ability – TV Classics Part 1 – Outdoor Promotion

Services used:

Cole AD were asked by Project Ability to design an exhibition website for the artist, Cameron Morgan. The theme of the exhibition is classic TV shows across the decades. Cameron’s paintings include room settings and TV’s that display his favourite shows.

The visuals developed by our Creative Department were approved first time as the client fell in love with our concept. We were then asked to media buy a campaign using outdoor sites across Glasgow including the Subway. The exhibition is part of the Glasgow Arts Festival 2016 and we booked key sites well in advance, plus saved the client budget in the process. A teaser poster was designed by Cole AD promoting Cameron Morgan using one of his paintings.

Cameron Morgan is a great talent – we wish him every success with his UK tour!

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