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Client: The Richmond Fellowship Scotland – Media | Design | Print

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The Richmond Fellowship Scotland is a charity which supports over 2,800 people across Scotland with a broad range of needs to live as independently as possible in their own homes and communities.

Cole AD were asked by TRFS to create a bespoke recruitment campaign with focus on current affairs.

Our creative team have since created a library of designs that can be utilised all year round targeting areas where footfall will be high attracting as much attention to the public for our client. When blockbuster films are released, the black and white design of the 1920’s Hollywood actress appears throughout cinema,with the catchphrase, “Become a Star”. At New Year, we designed a fireworks display with a “New Year, New Career” call to action. When popular sporting events occur, we promote the message of “Join a Winning Team”. The fantastic colourful “Wish You Were Here” postcard campaign can be seen throughout Central Scotland with focus on our nations landmarks and areas recruitment is required.

The adverts feature everywhere you go from shopping centres, public transport, cinema, newspapers, online job boards, large outdoor advertising boards to Facebook campaigns. Look out for our creative work!

We thank the HR team at TRFS for the opportunity and creative freedom to work on exciting campaigns.

If media advertising is of interest to your organisation, please contact Michael Cole, Client Director.

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