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Trading Standards Scotland work with Police Scotland tackling serious issues whilst protecting the public.

They awarded Cole AD their latest project which involved tackling the perils of legal highs. This drug, once previously available to purchase in some shops, has caused numerous deaths and we had to target 3 groups to create awareness. This involved:
• Educating parents
• Informing schools
• Explaining the dangers to young people.

Cole AD attended a focus group in Edinburgh to learn from those who had used, or whose friends had taken, legal highs. It was very clear that although potentially fatal, the group’s opinion was that they wouldn’t fall victim to any serious harm or even death. The meeting was incredibly informative and allowed the Cole AD team to develop a campaign that would steer clear of hospital bed or graveside images, as the young people viewed themselves as immortal.

The bright and colourful cereal box enticing people was our hook, but on closer inspection the “fun facts” offered a scary insight into what legal highs are made of and what awful side effects they have. All creative work was tested with different groups and received a great response from all involved. Trading Standards Scotland are now using our campaign to educate young people across the country.

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