In an industry that changes like the weather, we have seen numerous trends in our sector come and go. Why choose Cole AD to help grow your business?  We would like to think the following explains why…

Our agency was created in March 1986 by the late Chris Cole.


He had worked in several of the biggest ad agencies in the 1980s, but had become disillusioned with how clients and his co-workers were being treated – simply put, he believed he could do better.

Chris wanted to create a full-service advertising & design agency that would be a fun place to work, plus encourage our clients to embrace fresh ideas ensuring they got the best results. The agency grew and over the years we’ve worked with hundreds of clients from every sector. More importantly, we have evolved adopting new methods like digital and we’ve been designing websites since 1999.

Since 2008 the agency has been managed by the sons of Chris; Stephen & Michael Cole, along with our Creative Director, Garry McCann.


Technology has changed dramatically since 1986, but the reasons why our agency has thrived are exactly the same: we help our clients succeed by delivering tangible results and we value our team. Cole AD seek clients who share our values and if you like our work then we would love to hear from you.

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